Frequently Asked Quetions


1. Do I have to share a room?

 Healing River Recovery and Wellness Centre is a residential treatment centre. All the rooms at present are private, In the future we may have shared rooms for those who would like reduced costs.


2. What is the food like? 


The menus are designed by a high caliber chef. We use locally grown natural food with flavorful recipes. Food adaptations will be offered to those with Food Allergies and special diets can be discussed with the Chef at intake. 


3. Do I have to participate in all the Complimentary Therapies? 


No they are all optional but if you want to further your recovery we suggest that you participate with those you feel comfortable with.  This will enhance your treatment.


4. What about participation in Non-Complimentary Therapies? 


We do say they are mandatory because non-participation in these therapies would diminish your chances of recovery and would be wasting your time at Healing River. 


5. Will there be free time and activities? 


Yes there will be planned activities and times to reflect on your own. We believe and evidence shows, that participating in physical activities contributes to your treatment and helps prevent relapse. 


6. Are there many rules?

There are some rules but they are designed to keep you and others safe. There are rules such as not being allowed to bring any drugs or alcohol on the premises. Special circumstances will be considered with some rules and your unique circumstances.